LIBRA: a multi-media theatre play on mega-constellations

Posted on Jul 22, 2021 in Art and Science, News, Outreach
LIBRA: a multi-media theatre play on mega-constellations

It’s 2042: a global corporation has plastered the night sky with internet satellites. Virgil, a middle manager in the company, stumbles on a mysterious pattern hidden in the ads the company runs: could this be linked with the pandemic of compulsive shopping that has struck his own wife? And can a teenage girl with special […]

Vintage 2020: A reflection on the sensual universe that is fading away from us

Originally published in TT JOURNAL, VOL.1, ISSUE 1, 3RD NOVEMBER 2020 September 2020. The bunch of grapes felt surprisingly ponderous as it fell into my cupped hand, released to the tireless pull of gravity with a staccato snap of my shears. The grapes were perfectly formed, with just a hint of velour over their smooth, […]

Uncertain Ruins – From The Big Bang to AI

Posted on Mar 1, 2020 in AI, Art and Science, Machine Learning, News, Outreach, universe

I was invited to contribute a piece responding from the perspective of astrostatistics to the timely and exciting show “Uncertain Ruins”, a “a site-responsive collaboration by artist Julie F Hill and Gauld Architecture that draws on the social, material and historical context of the Swiss Cottage Library in which the gallery is located”, part of the Passen-gers site-specific exhibition […]