The Universe at the tip of your tongue

Supported by the Institute of Physics, and the Royal Astronomical Societyg-Astronomy is a groundbreaking outreach project that creates a immersive, multi-sensorial gastronomical experience to engage the public with some of the most fascinating questions of modern astrophysics and cosmology: the nature of dark matter; the properties of black holes; the origin of the Universe.

Flaming cocktail

“Primordial Fireball” cocktail created by Kirsty Mackinnon Lease at An Lanntair for g-Astronomy event (Feb 2020)


G-Astronomy events:

Listen to “Out of this world cuisine”: a Physics World podcast by James Dacey covering the g-Astronomy event at Cheltenham Science Festival 2016:

“Astronomy has always captured the public imagination thanks to its stunning images and the sense of wonder it can evoke. But concepts such as dark energy can feel quite abstract and there is a sense that astrophysics research is only done by people with giant brains and access to astronomically expensive equipment. This month’s podcast profiles a new outreach project attempting to make cosmology more palatable – literally – by serving space-inspired canapés accompanied by a cosmology lecture.”

g-ASTRONOMY @ Cheltenham 2016