The Urban Sputnik project – in collaboration with Vanessa Harden,

I offer scientific consultancy to artists, authors, film-makers, science centres and science journalists to help them make sure that their work is scientifically sound.

My areas of expertise include:

  • General physics
  • Cosmology
  • Dark matter
  • Dark energy
  • Astrophysics
  • Astroparticle physics
  • Space travel
  • Alien worlds

Please contact me to discuss your project.

Clients and Projects


“Roberto is one of the most brilliant and insightful minds I’ve worked with. He provides scientifically-grounded answers to a huge range of weird and wonderful questions, and relays complex subject matter in a clear and understandable way. As we’re working together on a TV drama, he also appreciates where scientific accuracy and fiction must necessarily part ways, and is able to give exciting and dramatically-rich possibilities for science-fiction storylines. It’s undeniable that he’s enhanced and elevated Origin hugely, and is an inspiring and collaborative person to have on board.”
Mika Watkins, Creator, Writer and Executive Producer, ORIGIN

“Collaborating with Roberto on our sci-fi series ORIGIN was as inspiring an experience as it was informative. Roberto is a natural born storyteller; he has the ability to bring incredibly complex ideas to life for those of us with a lesser grasp of the subject matter, whilst making it feel more like a conversation than a lecture. His input throughout the development of all ten episodes was invaluable, and never once did he highlight a problem without coming armed with a handful of potential solutions. An all-round brilliant experience, that undoubtedly enriched the world of our show. Thank you Roberto!”
Alice Pearse, ORIGIN Producer, Left Bank Pictures

“I was very lucky to have a consultancy session on Quantum Physics and Relativity with astrophysicist Roberto Trotta for a play I was directing at the Union Theatre in London in April 2019. His simple and clear explanations of many abstract physics concepts the play revolved around were truly eye-opening. I found the whole session thoroughly entertaining and informative.”
William Ribò, Theatre Director & Producer, London

“I would highly recommend Roberto’s services as a public speaker and promoter of astronomy and science. We’ve approached Roberto at extremely short notice to help us for an event in the form of an “immersive theatre” performance, and he delivered a text that was met with enthusiasm from our audience. His ability, imagination and flexibility made his contribution to the show fit in as an integral part of the overall performance. His performance and delivery of the lecture on Copernicus and his contribution to science was not only educational but also highly entertaining. We could not have dreamt of a better person for our “Dining with Copernicus” event.  Working with Roberto was a real pleasure: his professionalism and ability to listen to our needs, and his execution was faultless.”
– Paulina Latham, Head of Events and Visual Arts, Polish Cultural Institute in London

“Roberto was invaluable in helping us to translate complicated scientific principles to make them understandable in an entertainment context, yet still accurate and informative.”
Paul Gilheany, Executive Producer, Breaking Magic

“Roberto is brilliant to work with, easy going and open to ideas and different ways of working. We collaborated with the Architect Julian Loeffler on a project for the Architectural Association (London) and presented the work in London, Rome, Venice, & Geneva. He is an excellent project partner.”
Peter Liversidge, Fine Art Professional

“Roberto is an extraordinary scientist and a brilliant educator in the divulgation of scientific research to a non-specialist audience. Roberto took part to the research Beyond Entropy, a collaboration with artists, scientists and architects, and he demonstrated a high degree of expertise. His contribution was crucial for the development of the works. His presentation was clear and stimulating because he was able to communicate with other disciplines with illuminating and original connections. He was precise with references. He is enthusiastic and he motivates the entire team around him. I certainly would recommend him for any research on scientific and multi-disciplinary topics.”
Stefano Rabolli Pansera, Architect, Rabolli Pansera Ltd

“It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Dr Roberto Trotta. He is the complete package – incredibly smart, top of his field and a joy to work with. Roberto understood our core message and did all he could to support it, whilst always staying true to the science he was there to protect. No sooner had he pointed out a problem he was there with an array of great solutions. His input made the project better, the science sounder and the process much more enjoyable. We see this project as the first of many collaborators with the good doctor.”
Stephen Follows, Creative Director, Catsnake

Art and science collaborations


Artists David Cheeseman and Ole Hagen collaborate with astrophysicist Roberto Trotta for week 20 at fig-2. Their exhibition entitled ‘All There Was’ predicates a post-Newtonian orrery, concentrating on the depiction of the All-There-Is and its modelling. The exhibition builds its premises by looking into how we explore the cosmos – observationally and intellectually – and reflects on our understanding of it within the given parameters known to us. Basing its subject-matter on the dichotomy of presentation and the real, ‘All There Was’ is an aesthetic and intellectual speculation of post-Euclidean Geometry basing its forms on a reinterpretation of abstract concepts such as dark matter, dark energy. Cheeseman, Hagen and Trotta will highlight the transformation of fig-2 premises into a temporary laboratory of ideas, through their performative conversation on Monday evening that will speculate about the ‘Big Picture’, the grand scheme of the reality we reside in.

Does Darkness Matter

Ole Hagen (left) and Roberto Trotta during the performance “Does Darkness Matter?” at the opening of “All There Was”, ICA studio, May 2015

Urban Sputnik

A pair of sculptures that developed as a novel way to express the frontiers of astrophysical research in a non-technical, more inclusive way, which uses art and design as its primary language. These pieces offer a metaphorical sensory experience connecting the user with distant cosmological phenomena that cannot otherwise be directly perceived nor experienced on a human scale. With Vanessa Harden and Dr Dominic Southgate.

The cosmic house

A radical reinterpretation of post-Newtonian concepts, with artists Ole Hagen and David Cheesman. Shortlisted for Artangel’s Open 100.

Beyond Entropy: Potential Energy

A research cluster coordinated by the Architectural Association, aiming at creating novel explorations of the concept of energy. With architect Julian Loeffler and artist Peter Liversidge. Our work has been exhibited at the Venice Architectural Biennale in Aug 2010, at the Architectural Association in London in May 2011 and appeared in Nature_in May_2011.

Beyond Entropy: Potential Energy team. From left to right: Peter Liversidge, Roberto Trotta, Julian Loeffler

Beyond Entropy Performance by the Potential Energy team. From left to right: Peter Liversidge, Julian Loeffler, Roberto Trotta

Potential energy: The prototype. Loosely based on Maxwell's demon.

Potential energy: The prototype. Loosely based on Maxwell’s demon.