Today on the arXiv: Prospector-alpha opens the way to high-accuracy photometry-based estimation of galactic properties

Posted on Sep 30, 2016 in astro-ph, Research, Science, universe

There is a terrific paper on today’s arXiv: The Prospector-alpha code is an impressive new approach to estimating a large number of important physical parameters of galaxies, including indicators for the galaxy’s star formation history, its metallicity, its mass and dust content. The code contains a large number of free physical parameters (describing star formation history, nebular emission, attenuation and re-radiation by dust) that are then pushed through via MCMC (using the emcee code) state-of-the-art codes for the prediction of spectra, dust properties, and the like. After fitting the model’s parameters with the photometric (i.e. broad-band) data for 129 galaxies, the output predictions of the code are compared and verified against aperture-matched spectroscopy for the same galaxies, with impressive results.

The authors point out that this opens the way to unbiased estimates of stellar masses and star formation rates across a large range of redshifts, using only photometry — vastly increasing the availability of such key physical indicators (which until now required high-resolution spectroscopy). They do caution about their framework being untested at high redshift, but it all seems very promising.



A subset of the galaxies used in the testing of Prospector-Alpha. From (Leja et al 2016)


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