g-ASTRONOMY: The Universe, on the Tip of your Tongue

Posted on Mar 15, 2017 in g-ASTRONOMY, Hands-On Universe, Outreach, Public lecture

An exciting and innovative public engagement project, g-ASTRONOMY, will bring the wonders of the universe to people with sight loss through a multi-sensorial gastronomical experience on March 14th 2017.


g-ASTRONOMY aims to break the assumption that astronomy and astrophysics can only be understood in terms of visual representation. By creating simple, elegant (and edible) metaphors for some of the universe’s most complex ideas, this approach allows people to engage with some of the most important theories in astrophysics and astronomy in a new and accessible way.

This innovative idea is the brainchild of an unusual partnership: astrophysicist and science communicator Dr Roberto Trotta (Imperial College London) and experimental gastronomy chefs Jozef Youssef and Stefano de Costanzo, of Kitchen Theory. Together, they are proving that taking concepts out of the classroom and into the kitchen can change the way people think about science.

Astronomy is definitely something that I don’t feel people find relatable. But we hope that through the medium of food we can turn it into something that people feel is far more approachable.”
Jozef Youssef

“g-ASTRONOMY enables us to talk about the universe in a new way: a way that engages all of the senses. You get to taste the Universe! What better way of bringing astrophysics down to the earth.”
Dr Roberto Trotta

After sold-out events at Imperial Festival and Cheltenham Science Festival in 2016, g-ASTRONOMY is taking on a new challenge. This event, run in collaboration with the Royal National Institute of Blind People, is designed exclusively for people with sight loss.

The workshop has been specially redesigned to provide an immersive and interactive experience without the need for visual clues. Visitors will simultaneously feel and taste the evolution of our universe from the big bang to the formation of galaxies, and experience the multiverse theory through how different universes might taste, rather than how they look.

“Astronomy is mostly experienced through sight. Looking at pretty pictures from space is great, but it’s only one of five senses. What about people who don’t have that? Can we bring astronomy to them in a different, more participatory way?”
Dr Roberto Trotta

The g-ASTRONOMY project is about using all of our senses to better communicate complex ideas in astronomy and astrophysics. This evening of tastings, discussions and feedback will bring these ideas to an audience who cannot experience astronomy through pictures and diagrams, and help the trio in their quest to put the biggest questions in physics on the tip of your tongue.

g-ASTRONOMY is supported by the Institute of Physics, the Science and Technology Facilities Council and the Royal Astronomical Society.


  1. MonAlisa
    March 16, 2017

    Bravo!!!! I would love to be part of the team that presents Kitchen Theory all over tbe world. I see GAstronomy one step further and offering to the public. I see it clearly… it iwill be the new Dining Blindfolded gastronomic experience. Im a Yoga and meditation teacher/retreat facilitator and Event Planner Extraordinaire!! Come to Bali Indonesia!! lets talk about possibilities. This is amazing. Thank you for the gifts and huge scientific knowledge you are bringing to the world!! I look forward to hearing from you soon. Warm regards Blessings! Alisa MonAlisa Sydenham. [email protected]

    • roberto
      March 20, 2017

      Would love to talk about the possibilities — do drop me an email!


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