Publish all data and models underlying the Government’s COVID-19 strategy

Posted on Mar 12, 2020 in Uncategorized

Please use the text below to pressure your MP into raising this urgent question in Parliament and to the UK Government (posted March 12th 2020; an official e-Petition is underway but it will take up to a week to be approved — and time is of the essence).

The Government claims that their COVID-19 strategy is led by scientific evidence. In order to enable independent scientific scrutiny of such evidence, we call for all the statistical models, data and assumptions underlying the COVID-19 strategy to be released in full to the public.

The Government decisions about how to best tackle the COVID-19 crisis will have life and death consequences for thousands of people. The scientific basis for such decisions ought to be open to public scrutiny, both to check its soundness and for the sake of transparency and accountability. Full transparency is required to reassure the public in such a moment of extraordinary crisis.

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