I offer consultancy in the field of statistical data analysis, data mining and probabilistic modeling. If you have a problem involving data and uncertainty, I deliver targeted, cost-effective, custom-made solutions.

In 2012, I co-founded Data Fusion Consultants, a startup whose ethos is encapsulated in its motto: “Uncertainty understood”. We believe that uncertainty is part of the solution: our approach to data modelling takes into account uncertainty, missing data, and noise. We do not just provide a best-guess estimate, but a full account of the range of possible outcomes and their likelihood.

Until October 2020, Data Fusion Consultants provided customized data modelling and data analysis solutions for the public and private sector. We offered consulting, research, and development in the field of data analysis, statistical modeling, inference, and optimization, providing efficient, robust, customised solutions to problems involving data analysis, uncertainty and inference.

I presently offer consultancy services through Imperial Consultants, the consultancy arm of Imperial College London.

I run training workshops on probability theory and statistical methods, aimed at bringing to clients the latest advancements in statistical analysis from cutting edge research in astrophysics.

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What can astrostatistics do for your business? Watch my keynote talk at the Data Analysts User Group conference 2017: “From Cosmology to Customers: The Improbable Applications of Astrostatistics”


  • Machine learning, AI, data analysis and data interpretation
  • Statistical modeling
  • Inference, prediction and optimization
  • Training and workshops: probability theory, inference, numerical methods, computational solutions
  • Expert witness
  • Scientific consulting for museums, films, art projects and books.

Areas of expertise

  • Machine learning and data science
  • Bayesian inference and model selection
  • Numerical data analysis and data mining
  • Environmental assessment of risk
  • Astrophysical phenomena and related topics
  • Cosmology, the Big Bang, dark matter, dark energy

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“At short notice, we needed an expert on statistics to analyse a report and prepare a reply. We engaged Dr Roberto Trotta who was responsive and very easy to work with. He is very skilled at explaining difficult concepts in readily understandable terms, and his work product was excellent. I would recommend Dr. Trotta to anyone looking for an expert on statistics”.
Sophie Palmer, Solicitor

“Dr. Trotta did a superb job under considerable time pressure to produce succinct, thorough and persuasive reports. He is clearly a true expert in the  field. He is also a pleasure to deal with. For expert statistical analysis I would not look anywhere else.”
David Goldstone, QC

“I called Dr Trotta as an expert witness in a 3 day Public Inquiry. He gave evidence on the likely effect of a new housing development on the operation of a highly sensitive neighbouring scientific facility. The contested evidence was highly theoretical and extremely technical. Dr Trotta was able to present his evidence in a comprehensive but (most importantly) accessible manner to the Tribunal. As a result, the Secretary of State was persuaded that the impact would be acceptable, notwithstanding a detailed objection from the operator of the facility. It goes without saying that Dr Trotta is extremely bright. He is also focussed, hard working and charming. Whilst astute to address the technical issues, he never lost site of the bigger picture. I would not hesitate to instruct him again.”
Giles Cannock LLM MA (Cantab), Barrister, Kings Chambers

“Having worked with Dr Trotta on a public inquiry for a proposed residential development, it was clear that not only he is an expert in his field, but he is able to communicate complex arguments and ideas so that those with limited scientific knowledge can understand. He is extremely responsive, thorough and professional and I would have no hesitation in recommending Dr Trotta to potential clients.”
Daniel Whitney, Senior Planning Consultant at Mosaic Town Planning

“As an organisation we required a high level mathematical critique of a model used to assess the probability of an event in the nuclear industry. We deliberately chose an expert in statistical methods from outside the nuclear industry to provide a fresh approach, as most of the assessments at that time had been by experts within the industry. We were impressed by Dr Trotta’s ability to master the complex background required to execute the brief and with the clarity and presentation of the report. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dr Trotta’s services.”
Louise Barton, Lydd Airport Action Group

“Dr Trotta’s skill lies in distilling the essence of a problem, being able to consider it at both a conceptual and detailed level. His ability to step back and take the overview is an important, differentiating factor augmented by clear verbal and written communications which make it easy for the lay person to understand. I strongly recommend Dr Trotta’s services to any prospective client.”
Trudy Auty