The Hands-On Universe public engagement programme

Posted on Sep 17, 2013 in Hands-On Universe, News, Outreach

The Hands-On Universe

Cosmology and astrophysics address some of the most fundamental and universally fascinating questions in the whole of science: Where did the Universe come from? What is it made of? What will its ultimate fate be? The study of the Universe is inspiring, humbling and in short one of the greatest scientific challenges of humankind.

But by its nature the cosmos is also far removed from our everyday experience. This is part of its mystery and fascination, but it can also become a hurdle when trying to engage the public in a genuine, two-way dialogue. The aim of my fellowship is to create and deliver innovative methods of transcending the old model of top-down communication of science. Better awareness, more genuine engagement and reaching out to a much wider and diverse cross-section of society will be the resulting benefits.

The Hands-on Universe will link the big questions in cosmology and astrophysics with everyday experiences, metaphorically, conceptually, artistically and emotionally. What is the Universe made of? How did it begin? How will it end? What is the nature of reality? How does science work? I will create immersive, participative experiences revolving around those and other questions, by using do-it-yourself activities, cookery and other fun, unexpected ways of engaging with the great mysteries of the cosmos.

Soon in a museum/school/lecture hall/exhibit space near you. And delivered directly to your home via the web.

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