Today on the arXiv: how to measure the intrinsic CMB dipole, and radio emission from DM in the Coma cluster

Posted on Oct 6, 2016 in astro-ph, Research, Science

Elena Pierpaoli and her collaborator Slavash Yasini come up with a clever way of measuring the intrinsic CMB dipole, and disentangling it from the much bigger dipole induced by the Earth motion with respect to the CMB rest frame. The key idea is that leakage of the intrinsic dipole into the monopole and quadrupole induces (in a moving frame such as ours) spectral distortions that can be in principle detected with very fine frequency coverage of the type that might be provided in the future by the PIXIE experiment.

On the Dark Matter front, Colafrancesco and Marchegiani find that the radio emission data from the Coma cluster can be fit by a model that includes DM sub-halos while at the same time evading upper bounds from Fermi in gamma-ray. Their model (while not perfect) is compatible with a neutralino mass of 9 GeV (going to tau+ tau-) or a mass of 43 GeV going into a b-bbar final state.


Map of the radio surface brightness in Coma from the DM halos for the 9 GeV neutralino model, compared with observations (contours). From Marchegiani & Colafrancesco,

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