Online videos and podcasts

For interviews and videos about my book, “The Edge of the Sky”, see here.


  • The Edge of the Sky, Basic Books (2014). HC Beck (German translation, Sept 2015). Kyobo Book Centre (Korean translation, publication date to be announced)


(see here for interviews about “The Edge of the Sky”)

Radio and TV appearances


“What have UFO’s done for us?”, The Sky at Night, with Dallas Campbell



Discussing “The Edge of the Sky’ on Soho Radio Science Mixtape show – Desert island discs for scientists!

Articles for the general public

  • The Physics of Star Trek, Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage programme brochure, Nov 1st 2015
  • In so many words: Minute world with big stories to tell, NewScientist online, July 30th 2015
  • In so many words: Don’t kill small-life before Red World trip, NewScientist, July 2015
  • Hoped-for dark matter flash might instead be the corpses of stars, NewScientist, July 1st 2015
  • In So Many Words: How to ride the space-winds to the stars, NewScientist, June 2015
  • The science of Interstellar: Astrophysics, but not as we know it, The Guardian, Nov 5th 2014
  • Cosmic Dialogue, People and Science, March 2012.
  • Cosmologists scoop Nobel Prize for Physics 2006, LeScienze, Nov 2006.
  • Giant telescopes of the future: the Square Kilometer Array,  LeScienze, July 2006.
  • Latest news from the baby Universe. LeScienze, June 2006.
  • Interview with James Lovelock, LeScienze, April 2006.
  • Listening to cosmic sound, LeScienze, January 2006.
  • Looking at the Universe through neutrinos, LeScienze, December 2005
  • The trouble with strings. Interview with Lee Smolin, Newton,  November 2007 (cover story).
  • Before the Big Bang, Newton, September 2007 (cover story).
  • Mapping out the invisible Universe, Newton, April 2007 (cover story).
  • The anthropic principle: Interview with John Barrow, Newton, October 2006 (cover story).
  • Modified gravity, Newton, April 2006.
  • Killer asteroids, Newton, January 2006.
  • The Universe’s mysterious past, Newton, October 2005.
  • Einstein’s legacy, Newton, June 2005.

Book reviews

  • Practical Statistics for Astronomers, 2nd Ed (Wall and Jenkins, CUP, 2012), AIAA Journal, 52, 9, (2014), 2098.
  • Modern Statistical Methods for Astronomy (Feigelson and Babu, CUP 2012), Mathematical Reviews, MR2963292,
  • Statistical challenges in modern astronomy IV (ASP Conference Series, Vol 371), The observatory , May 2008.
  • The Oxford book of modern science writing (Richard Dawkins, Ed), OUP Review appeared in Oxford Today, 21, 1 (2008), 53.