‘Life, the universe, and everything’ got thousands of likes in our app in 2018, and the Deep Tech stage as a whole was hugely successful and enjoyed an incredible level of interest.

Darren Cleary, Web Summit Producer

Online videos and podcasts

For interviews and videos about my book, “The Edge of the Sky”, see here.


  • The Edge of the Sky, Basic Books (2014). HC Beck (German translation, Sept 2015). Kyobo Book Centre (Korean translation, 2015)


(see here for interviews about “The Edge of the Sky”)

Radio and TV appearances


“What have UFO’s done for us?”, The Sky at Night, with Dallas Campbell

On Swiss National TV, remembering the great physicist Stephen Hawking on the day of his death.


Discussing “The Edge of the Sky’ on Soho Radio Science Mixtape show – Desert island discs for scientists!

Articles for the general public

Book reviews

  • Practical Statistics for Astronomers, 2nd Ed (Wall and Jenkins, CUP, 2012), AIAA Journal, 52, 9, (2014), 2098.
  • Modern Statistical Methods for Astronomy (Feigelson and Babu, CUP 2012), Mathematical Reviews, MR2963292,
  • Statistical challenges in modern astronomy IV (ASP Conference Series, Vol 371), The observatory , May 2008.
  • The Oxford book of modern science writing (Richard Dawkins, Ed), OUP Review appeared in Oxford Today, 21, 1 (2008), 53.

Book endorsements

  • With this delightfully surprising book, Eugenia Cheng reveals the hidden beauty of mathematics with passion and simplicity. After reading How To Bake Pi, you won’t look at maths (nor porridge!) in the same way ever again.” 
  • Ethan Siegel has achieved the rare feat of writing a textbook that reads like an engrossing page-turner. This is a book that belongs on the reading list of every undergraduate introduction to astrophysics and cosmology.
  • “Nordgren effortlessly packs a great deal of science in this delightful book. . . . He conveys his infectious obsession for this most awe-inspiring of natural phenomena. If you haven’t experienced a total solar eclipse, reading this book will make sure you’ll want to.”
  • This informative book is a valuable resource for astronomers, astrophysicists and cosmologists at all levels of their career. From students starting out in the field to researchers at the frontiers of data analysis, everyone will find insightful techniques accompanied by helpful examples of code. With this book, Hilbe, de Souza and Ishida are firming taking astrostatistics into the 21st century.”