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Are you wondering how hard is it to write using only the most common 1,000 words in English? You can try it out for yourself using the Comment Box found on this page

If a word is not included in the 1,000 words list, a suggestion for a replacement will appear in the Suggestion box.

You can also limit your character count to 140 characters by ticking the Twitter checkbox.

Festive competition!


For your chance to win a signed copy "The Edge of The Sky", use the 1000 words comment box below to compose your Christmas letter to Santa, then submit it by Twitter at #upgoer5 or post in the comments below, giving a contact email address.

The best Tweet and best comment, as decided by Roberto will win a book and goodie bag each!

The competition is now closed , many thanks to all of you who entered it! And the winner is... Dahlia! But there is still a few days until Xmas for you to write your special letter to Mr Santa! Try it out below!

What are the rules?

The rules I adopted in The Edge of the Sky are that all the words on the 1,000 words list are allowed, and so are words obtained from the list by adding the following suffixes: -(e)s, -er, -ed, -ing (possibly in sequence. So -ers is also allowed).

For adjectives, comparatives (-er) and superlatives (-est) can be formed from the adjective given.

Adverbs can only be used if present in the list, e.g. "completely" is allowed (because it appears as such in the list), but "deeply" is not allowed (because only "deep" appears on the list).

Possessive forms are allowed, as well.

So are names of people (but not names of places - although obviously the box below won't be able to distinguish between the two, so it's up to you to stick to the rules!). Capitalized words are allowed so that you can use names of people, but don't use this feature to cheat! :) In Twitter mode, usernames with @ handles and hashtags are also allowed.

What are the allowed words?

Here is the list of the most common 1,000 words in English I used.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on The Edge of the Sky , written using only the most common 1,000 words.

Please post them here or join the conversation via Twitter: @R_Trotta, #TheEdgeOfTheSky, #1000words, #upgoer5.

Please use this comment box for now (the one below is temporarily broken)

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