exp(Outreach!*Enthusiasm^n) = #IAS2014

Posted on Jun 11, 2014 in Outreach

ImScientistI’ve been preparing for it tirelessly. I have chatted with previous participants, and asked them for tips about how to keep going all the way to the end. I have reviewed my past experiences, and in moments of doubt asked myself why I have entered this in the first place. I have stocked up in fluids, and high-carbs snacks, so I don’t need to take breaks. I think I’m as ready as I can be, but everybody who has done it before says that nothing can quite prepare you for the intensity of it.


No, this isn’t my next marathon (though that’s coming, too): It’s the June 2014 edition of I’m a Scientist – Get me out of here! I’ve been getting ready for. A 2-weeks long X-factor style online event, where scientists answer questions and conduct live chats with hundreds of school students.


Starting on Mon June 16th, I and four others will be working the Astronomy Zone, and will do our best to engage and enthuse kids all around the country in intense bursts of chats that could leave our fingers literally burnt, as everybody tries desperately to stay on top of the fast-flowing chats.


So flex your fingers – the fun is about to start!