#IAS2014: Two manic weeks that surpassed all expectations

Posted on Jul 7, 2014 in Hands-On Universe, Outreach

What’s more exciting than winning the World Cup, more nail-biting than the Wimbledon final, more rewarding than getting a Nobel Prize, and at least as fun as looking for dark matter in the sky? Taking part to the I’m a Scientist, Get me out of here, and getting through what I can only describe as a […]

Pigs beat dark energy 20:1

Posted on Jun 13, 2014 in Outreach

My friends at Catsnake tell me that their latest awesome video, about compassionate farming and the plight of pigs, got 4M views in a week. The awesome video we made together about dark energy got about 200,000 views, which seemed a lot at the time (and enough to win it the Berlin Viral Video Award). […]

“I didn’t know science could be so tasty!” @GSC1

Posted on Jun 12, 2014 in Hands-On Universe, Outreach
“I didn’t know science could be so tasty!” @GSC1

The weather was predictably dismal in Glasgow on that bank holiday weekend. The calendar said that it was last weekend of May, but the temperature felt more like February. I didn’t mind — the bad weather suited my goals just fine.   I had travelled up to Scotland to set up my Cosmic Fun Club […]

exp(Outreach!*Enthusiasm^n) = #IAS2014

Posted on Jun 11, 2014 in Outreach
exp(Outreach!*Enthusiasm^n) =  #IAS2014

I’ve been preparing for it tirelessly. I have chatted with previous participants, and asked them for tips about how to keep going all the way to the end. I have reviewed my past experiences, and in moments of doubt asked myself why I have entered this in the first place. I have stocked up in […]

Is Alice really burning?

Posted on Jun 5, 2014 in Outreach, quantum mechanics, universe

Imperial Physics had the somewhat unexpected pleasure to welcome Caltech theoretical physicist Sean Carroll (of preposterousuniverse.com fame) and science writer Jennifer Ouellette (whom the Twitterati might know under her Twitter name-de-plume of @JenLucPiquant), who were in London after participating to the Cheltenham Science Festival. They joined forces and gave an inspirational public talk entitled “Alice is burning”. […]

Building the solar system with fruits and veg

Posted on Sep 17, 2013 in Hands-On Universe, Outreach, Talks in schools
Building the solar system with fruits and veg

Year 5 and 6 pupils at Norland Place school had great fun in building our solar system with fruits and vegetables (roughly) to scale. The introduction of crushed peppercorns for asteroids was definitely a bonus. Mercury   0.38 BLUEBERRY Venus           0.95 YELLOW TOMATO Earth           1.00 […]

My job using only the most used ten-hundred words

Posted on Sep 17, 2013 in Outreach, The Edge of The Sky

I study tiny bits of matter that are all around us but that we can not see, which we call dark matter. We know dark matter is out there because it changes the way other big far-away things move, such as stars, and Star Crowds. We want to understand what dark matter is made of […]

The Hands-On Universe public engagement programme

Posted on Sep 17, 2013 in Hands-On Universe, News, Outreach
The Hands-On Universe public engagement programme

Cosmology and astrophysics address some of the most fundamental and universally fascinating questions in the whole of science: Where did the Universe come from? What is it made of? What will its ultimate fate be? The study of the Universe is inspiring, humbling and in short one of the greatest scientific challenges of humankind. But by […]

100 seconds physics

Posted on Sep 17, 2013 in Outreach

Physics World is asking scientists to take a complex idea and explain it in 100 seconds or less using only a white board. Here is my take! What is the anthropic principle?  How do we know that the Universe is flat? 

The Theory of Everything explained

Posted on Sep 10, 2013 in Outreach, Uncategorized

I had the pleasure to act as scientific advisor for a short, sponsored movie on… cosmology and love. It’s a new Theory of Everything. It does sound an unlikely mix, but if you think about it, love is all-pervasive, just as dark matter and dark energy are. But judge for yourselves: The Theory of Everything has […]